Return of the Hairline: Session One

It’s official! I’m doing this. There’s no going back. I wrote about the process last month and now the time has come. I had my consultation and chose a date. The time had come. Time to actually do this. Time to get a freaking hairline built back into this bald head of mine.

Before I get into the story of my session, I’d like to send a shout out to all my bald brothers out there. I’m not abandoning you. I’m not ashamed to be a part of the fraternity of bald men. I was content in my baldness and then an opportunity came about that I found exciting. I’ve already gotten the “Why?” questions asked. My response going forward is “Why not?” I went into the first session relatively content with my appearance. How would I feel coming out?

I arrived at MG Beauty to meet Monika at 10am. I knew the session would last about four hours so I had grabbed a bite to eat on the way. I was nervous and excited. Monika seemed excited as well. I felt prepared since many of my questions had been answered during the consultation. Most of my concerns were about how it would look and how I would heal. What if I didn’t like it? But the VERY IMPORTANT question I didn’t ask was:

- Will it hurt?

I thought about it as I sat in the chair signing in on the waiting list. I guess it was now or never to find out so I asked. Monika laughed.

- Yes it will hurt. But not that bad.

From the MG Beauty brochure

From the MG Beauty brochure

I immediately got more nervous. What if it this was going to be excruciatingly painful? Was four hours of pain worth changing my appearance from one I’m already okay with? What if it hurts too much AND I don’t like it? Does laser removal hurt more? What is the meaning of life?

I looked over at the beautiful woman on the MG Beauty brochure. This woman has alopecia. Her Monika had done a magnificent job with her. This would be my motivation to go forward. I was going to trust Monika no matter if there was a little bit of pain or not.

I had a cup of tea while Monika set everything up. The tea was delicious. Is everything good here? I lay back and got comfortable. We drew up a hairline that worked for the both of us (she does not want to put any old thing on her customers). There was no turning back now.

pigmentation selfie.jpg

Monika put on some musica latina and got to work. The first dots were a wakeup call. Yes it does hurt. It wasn’t unbearable, but the visions I had of possibly taking a nap were now out of the window. There was no way I’d be able to fall asleep. I won’t exaggerate at all. It did hurt a bit, but I would describe it more as a nuisance than anything else. Not as bad as a tattoo, but not as light as when you’re taking care of a bad itch. Some areas hurt more than others. I straight up hated Monika when she got to the corner near my temple. We were early in the procedure and I immediately thought about how long this was supposed to be. Then she moved on and it wasn’t so bad. I got so used to it that I did a live video on the Power Meeting Instagram account. Our followers got to be with me for a few minutes of the process. They helped distract me from the needling.

We took a break and I got to see the progress. It looked good already! I could see how it was shaping up. I was looking forward to the final product. I didn’t want to take a break. I wanted to plow through this while I was still used to the needles. Monika needed a break. She had to rest her hands. I hadn’t thought about this but she had been physically placing dots on my head for hours. Of course she needed a break! She’s a warrior and a got damn hero.

We got back to it. Now I felt like Monika was in a groove. The middle of the head wasn’t near as painful. I was messing around on social media to pass the time as she worked.

Then it came time for the top/back of my head. Now I was to lay face down in the chair. I was in the donut pillow now that’s normally for those relaxing times that you get a massage. Now? Ink was being dug into my scalp with acupuncture needles. Monika gave me a chair to place my phone on and I watched the exciting NFC Championship game from this year’s playoffs (watch it if you haven’t!). The game helped pass the time and distract from the digging. However, my back was not ready for this position. My out of shape ass was squirming around like I had to pee! I’m surprised Monika wasn’t laughing at me. I felt like I needed to crack my back, but I couldn’t. It was uncomfortable to say the least. Monika assured me that we were almost done. I took a quick stretch break and prepared for the final go.

Monika finished up in about ten minutes. It was 2:30pm. We had been going for four hours. How did I look? It was so nice! It wasn’t overdone at all. This art on my head somehow looked natural. I loved it. I kept looking from side to side. The four hours of scratching appeared to be worth it. Monika took some quick pictures of her work and we booked my second session.

After I cut the sides

After I cut the sides

I got home and had a temporary scare. I thought it was too low. I panicked a bit. I called Swedie and asked her what I had done. She assured me that I didn’t look crazy. I waited a bit and looked in the mirror again. It was then that I realized that it had been so long since I had a normal hairline that I thought it was SUPPOSED to start on the top of my head. The more I looked at it, the more I loved it. I looked closer and it looked like a buzz cut. This look was slick. I got out my trusty clippers. The thing I missed the most about having hair was styling it. I was about to style again! I cut the sides and it made the top look even better. That was exactly the look I wanted! I walked around feeling good all day today. I can’t wait to see what it looks like after my final session. This journey is going to be fun! Until next time…