The Bald-By-Choice Look

I’m gonna get something like this

I’m gonna get something like this

My face follows the word “Depression” on the show

My face follows the word “Depression” on the show

I’ve been bald for a minute now. I wouldn’t say, “I gave up all hope” per-se but I kinda did. I never cared enough to take any medicines or get surgery but I cared. I was even on a TV show talking about it. Of course, they chose to open one of my parts with a black screen and the word “Depression” in large, white lettering. I wouldn’t say I’m depressed about it. I mean, if I had the choice I’d take a full head of hair. I’d try all types of hairstyles that I can’t with this “style” I’m stuck with.


But I swear it’s all good. I happen to have a good head shape for a baldie. It could be worse. I could be one of those dudes with the shar pei skin on their heads. I’ve had to cut some of those heads before and man that’s rough. However, I’ve never seen one of those guys with a bald head. Maybe that’s the tradeoff. I wouldn’t trade (at least I don’t think I would).

Good Blackout.PNG

There’s also guys with cone-shaped heads or really flat heads. It could have been worse. The thing I miss is being able to style my hair. I’ve come to terms with the fact that those days are long gone. (sadface emoji)

There are plenty of ways to deal with balding. I know some dudes that do blackout. That’s when a barber basically applies charcoal to their client’s hair and shapes the hairline to the way the client wants it. These can look nice, but it always scared me. What if it rains? Will my nails be black underneath if I scratch my temple? I was tempted to try it until some bad examples came out. Shit got too ridiculous and I didn’t even want to be associated with blackout.

There was also tattooing. I have a close friend that did tattooing. They basically put a permanent head of hair on him. It looks good on him but I wouldn’t dare. He also has more hair on top so the tattooing was more for the edges of the hairline. I would probably need a damn tattoo helmet! No thanks!. I would just keep applying hair removal cream to my head twice a week and having a clean-shaven look.

Then I was approached about a procedure I hadn’t heard about. It’s called micropigmentation. This procedure doesn’t add hair at all, but it adds the look of hair. I would go from looking like the guy who lost his hair young, to the guy who doesn’t want to deal with all that hair that he can grow if he really wants too. That may be just what I need. My standards dropped from the look of hair to settling for hair follicles. But it looks pretty cool.

So next month I begin my journey toward the bald-by-choice look. I’ll keep you updated as I go to my three treatments. Keep it real with me and let me know if there is any improvement. Let me know if it looks obvious and I’ll let you know if I feel better about my baldness. The stuff lasts for about two years so I hope this is a good idea. If not, I’ll start looking for a hat sponsor or something. Until next time…

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