First YouTube Faves


I remember the first time Amat came to Jersey to visit us. It was 2008 and we were younger and dumber. We spent way too much time watching way too many clips from the - then new - television show “Wipeout”. Back then we had episodes recorded on our DVR. I thought the process of watching the clips was easy. Find the episode and then press play.

Another thing we’d do is show our favorite YouTube videos. It was interesting to see what my Swedish friend found entertaining versus what I found entertaining. I had my go-to videos. One of which was the “Mr. Turner DUI” video. Oh. My. Goodness. I was showing that video to anyone that had five minutes to spare. Mr. Turner was mad as hell and had the most patient police officer trying to do a pointless sobriety test on a drunk man that “wasn’t motherfuckin’ drivin’!”

That boy clean!

That boy clean!

Another gem of mine was the “Why Must I Cry” music video by renowned artist Reh Dogg. Not the most politically correct thing to laugh at, but that shit is so bad it’s so good. I still don’t really know what the song is about, but I do know that there is a shower scene with what appears to be a lot of ass washing and that also includes a bomb-ass shoulder dance. Check out the entire video below if you dare.

Man those were the good old days. YouTube back then wasn’t what it is today. Now everything is on there. Finding a funny clip isn’t as impressive. Everything is viral and then forgotten. You try and play some YouTube videos at a get-together now and you’re that annoying guy at the party. Everybody has probably seen the video you want to show anyway. But back then? Back then people were delighted to check out a new video to add to their catalogue.

Amat put me on to a gem that’s still funny to this very day. I didn’t know anything at all about the country of Hungary. It’s not exactly a country at the forefront of American interest. I wasn’t aware of any Hungarian stereotypes and I couldn’t identify the country on the map (probably still can’t). My introduction to the culture of Hungary was Speak the Hungarian rapper. This guy is hilariously bad. Where as Reh Dogg might possibly have some sort of mental limitations, Speak was not and that made it even better. This dude took himself seriously as he shouted out American rappers and whispered spoken word over a keyboard Hip-Hop track. It was/is fantastic! If I wasn’t already besties with Amat, this sealed the deal. He brought Speak into my life. To this day Speak is the most important Hungarian person in my life and it’s not even close.

Things are different now. YouTube is pretty much a search engine these days. People still have their go-to videos but they don’t use them as a party trick. If you think your friend will find a video interesting then that friend has probably already seen it. Just send a link to it via a messaging app and go on about your day. At least Amat and I got to share our YouTube faves before it got socially unacceptable to do so.

With that said, I will leave you with some honorable mentions from those early “check this out” sessions with Amat.

This was a classic! It was so fabulous that you had to love it. I once tried to show this to my cousins in Miami. They didn’t get it at all. I guess they weren’t target audience. I laugh now just thinking about my brother’s impersonation of Samwell.

The above song held up over the years. It’s record low temperatures in “The D” right now. You called it, T Baby.

A short, but amazing video that Amat reminded me of. Funny Every. Single. Time.

I mentioned the Wipeout episode that we had on DVR that we watched regularly. It wasn’t on YouTube back then, but it is now and I think you need to see the woman that brought so much laughter into our lives in 2008. Shout out to Margie Stubbs. Her attempt at the Wipeout course is legendary. Check it out.

Those were the good old days. The days just before YouTube blew all the way up to the giant that it is now. Everybody had their personal favorites ready whenever they needed it. The Mr. Turners and Antoine Dodson’s of the world became cult favorites. “Check this out” sessions were awesome. The first faves will always have a place in our hearts. Until next time…

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