Looking Up To Martin: MC Extraordinaire

Martin Def Jam.PNG

I started doing stand-up in April of 2015. That fall I tried out MC-ing. It’s a whole different animal, but it felt more natural to me. Just be likeable, funny and guide the night. It’s not that much pressure and it came natural to me.

To me the ultimate MC/host is Martin Lawrence. Nobody does it better. He hosted Def Comedy Jam for the first two seasons. Def Jam audiences are notoriously raucous. They fall all over the place and are wild. I would be intimidated facing those people that DEMAND a good show.

Martin handled it perfectly every time. The more I MC, the more I appreciate how fucking awesome Martin was at it. He could roast someone in the crowd with the most charm. Even the roastee would be laughing. That’s an artform! Watch him work:

He got that room worked up! I think about moments like that and moods like that every time I get on stage to host a show. I want to get the maximum energy out of every crowd I stand in front of. I channel my inner-Martin and try to make it happen.

So far, so good. I’m considered one of the top hosts in Stockholm and I keep working to get better at it. I’m getting more comfortable with each day. Swedish crowds are normally a challenge. They’re not the most outgoing people, to say the least. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!

So when you see me hosting a show and you see Swedish people falling on the floor laughing and holding their stomachs, remember where my inspiration comes from. Martin Lawrence is the best to ever do it. I’m gonna keep at it until I’m on that level. Until next time…