Reggae Fridays


At work I pride myself on being the music guy. There’s another music guy but he only plays classic rock. He’s not into the kids’ music. So when I get my chance I switch it up. I’ve played everything from Miles Davis to DRAM to Beethoven.

I call Fridays “Reggae Friday”. It creates a nice vibe and gets everybody ready for the weekend. I usually start with an album or playlist but I always end up just playing Bob Marley & The Wailers radio. I can usually vibe with this station. But those times I can’t… Maybe I’m just sensitive when it comes to Bob Marley, but some shit just shouldn’t be on a station bearing his name.

The Spotify algorithm somehow thought Shaggy’s “It Wasn’t Me” should be on the station. Word? I mean it’s a good, catchy song by a pop-reggae artist, but it’s not worthy. Ask yourself, Spotify

“Would Bob Marley bob his head to this?”

I think not. And don’t get me started on the white dude reggae that gets regular play on there. I put on a radio station so I don’t have to skip songs and this is what you give me? Skipped! No offense Peter but Rebelution ain’t worthy. I actually don’t know if Peter likes Rebelution, but chances are…

So get your shit together, Spotify. Be more critical of this playlist. Respect the legend. I didn’t wake and bake for this shit! Now back to my reggae Friday. Until next time…