So I Watched Hidden Figures...

Hidden Figures Cover.jpg

I finally got around to watching the critically acclaimed, feel good, based-on-true-events film Hidden Figures. First off, it did not disappoint. It was a really good film (I cried). However, I found myself being pulled out of the viewing experience because I was looking for the obligatory “white savior”. There had to be one in this movie. I was skeptical of every white face that flashed on the screen.

That’s the white savior there…

When I saw Kevin Costner I just KNEW that motherfucker was gonna be the white savior. His character was introduced as this take-no-shit boss that didn’t have time for distractions. That type of person is textbook white savior. They are too busy to see color and inequality. I personally prefer my white saviors to be actively racist and then convert to compassionate, yet still politically incorrect allies.

“You can’t treat them niggers like that. It’s just wrong.”

My suspicions proved correct. Kevin Costner WAS the white savior. The worst kind too. He played the oblivious guy. Too caught up in his work to notice obvious shit. Too principled to fathom that others don’t think like him. It reeked of white privilege. Then, possibly the most white savior scene I’ve ever seen:

I mean, before the sign atrocity, Taraji P. Henson delivered a POWERFUL monologue that moved me to tears. Not to be outdone, white savior goes and demolishes a sign over the bathroom since he never realized the problem until that moment. I rolled my teary eyes (though “At NASA we all pee the same color” is a fire ass line).

I don’t want to take away from the movie. It’s really good and moving and tells a great and fact-based story. I figured that bathroom scene was an exaggeration. You know, Hollywood stuff. He probably sent out a memo or asked the maintenance guy to remove the sign. I looked it up and it turns out the ENTIRE SCENE is fictional. As a matter of fact, the ENTIRE CHARACTER is fictional! They made this dude up just to make it more appealing.

That’s insanity right there. Let Taraji have her shine. The movie would have worked with her passionate speech, but they couldn’t help themselves and had to drizzle white saviorism all over it. Control yourselves Hollywood. Let white people be uncomfortable with the past. It’s how we heal. Get out of your own way. Until next time…