Power Meeting Movie Trip w/ Bash

Bash wanted to pose in a B-Boy stance so we obliged. He’s the coolest!

Bash wanted to pose in a B-Boy stance so we obliged. He’s the coolest!

I knew within the first three seconds of the preview for “Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse” that I was taking Bash to see this movie. A popular superhero that is brown-skinned? I’m there! I can’t lie, the fact that they made him half-Hispanic made me feel some kinda way. Why we gotta share? Why can’t they make a Captain Latin America? That has a nice ring to it. But whatever. Bash was really excited about it.

- We’re going to go see a brown Spider-man!

I was glad he was excited. He sat down and watched trailers for about half an hour straight the day before we were going to go. Throw in the fact that Amat and Peter were going to join us and Bash’s excitement level was through the roof!

We took the subway into the city and Peter happened to be on the same car as us. Bash perked up. I love that he loves my besties. Peter asked Bash what he thought was going to happen. Bash lit up and ranted on about what brown Spider-man was going to do.

Amat was waiting for us as we walked in. Now it was time to snack up and go to our theater. We had bought candy at the little corner store and found out from the usher that it’s legal. You can bring in snacks to the theater in this lovely country. You can’t bring cooked food though. So that time my mom had us sneaking in fried shrimp and chicken would have been wrong on even International levels. Bash is very patient when it comes to snacking. I don’t know where he gets it from because both Swedie and I eat snacks like paranoid inmates. Once we finished off all the snacks before the movie even started. Not Bash. I offered him a taste of the popcorn.

Netflix loading.gif

- Not yet, Daddy.

Um… who’s kid is this? He carried in his popcorn without even a sniff of it. I felt judged by him for even asking. I had the Sprite with two straws. He didn’t want to taste that either. He’s like that at home, too. He patiently waits with a bowl of melting ice cream in front of him while the Netflix loading screen from hell just spins and spins. I’m impressed every time. I mean, not enough to join the hunger strike, but impressed nonetheless.

We got in and took our (assigned) seats. The theater was maybe half full and I still had to sit directly next to a stranger. Bash sat between Amat and me. He was ready for the adventure. He sat snack-free throughout the previews and then it was time to munch.

The movie itself was really good. I look forward to watching it again. There were some parts that had Bash sitting upright at the very front of his chair in suspense. It was cool to see him so into it. He followed the story very well. The movie being animated helped with the violence. It was all cartoonish. There was some death, but shit, he’s seen The Lion King so I wasn’t to worried about that. There was also some dimension hopping, which kind of erased the whole death thing so that made things a bit easier (I’m trying not to spoil the plot).

Five Spiderfolks.PNG

Bash loved that there were so many Spider-People. He still talks about all of the cool Spider-Men and their characteristics. His favorite is “Morales”. Why he calls him by his “other half” name is a bothersome mystery.

This movie trip was a source of pride for me. I love the fact that Bash loves my homies. He’s able to somewhat follow a pretty complex storyline. He sat still for two hours and two train rides without a bathroom break. That’s my boy!

I look forward to future movie trips with Bash. My bonding time with my mother was the kitchen. I guess Bash and I will have movie trips. Shit, I’ll take that kid to the moon and back with me. He’s great company. Until next time…

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