Freezing While Watching: A Lucia Story

How I felt standing outside for the Lucia performance

How I felt standing outside for the Lucia performance

Sankta Lucia is a big thing here in Sweden. I had never heard of this Saint Lucy/Lucia and I still don’t know much about her. All I know is that Swedes go crazy for this lady. She must have done something special back in the day. Today is her day here in Sweden and every parent at my job had a performance to attend to either before work or after work.

Our kids’ school had an afternoon performance. It was at 3:30pm to be exact. You know, when the SUN GOES DOWN this time of year. About this performance; it’s preschoolers with the attention span of… preschoolers singing Lucia/Christmas-related songs, each wearing either a Santa suit or a crown of candle-shaped lights. Kids are cute on their own. Kids singing are even cuter. But somehow if you mix in freezing weather the cuteness level drops drastically. I wanted each song to be over faster than the last one so we could get the hell out of here.

That would be possible if it weren’t for Swedie. This is nostalgia for her. She remembers being the ADD kid that mumbled her way through song after song while parents waited for their cue to clap. She was out there soaking it all in. Every seven seconds she would look at me with this silly smile on her face.

- Look at Alli dance

To me it looked like she was rocking to keep from freezing to death. Our daughter was in survival mode. Please teachers, let us out of here!

Of course Bash wasn’t focused. This is his third Lucia (cue a Swede saying “Tiden gå fort!”). He knows the songs but would rather harass Alli throughout the entire thing. For some reason he was the only kid standing outside when we got there. Nobody knew why. He was just standing there with his fake candle; screwing the bulb off and on. And we had the nerve to suspect he had some special part or something. Nope! He had just wandered onto the “stage”.

After the last song was mumbled through, we all flocked to the gate so we could register our kids “picked up” on the one iPad they had. OUTSIDE! I had accepted my fate. This is how it would end. I would freeze to death in the playground of my kids’ daycare. Warmth was literally a few meters away. There must be a way to have this event indoors. My Floridian bones can’t take this. I can’t take the distracted kids. I can’t take the overly-excited wife. I can take the gingerbread cookies. That’s a good part. But just inside, please. For the love of Lucia let’s watch our kids mess up songs at room temperature. Until next time…

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