Christmas Music Time!

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Oh yeah, it’s that time of year now. Time to ramp up the Christmas spirit. One of the great side effects of Thanksgiving is that it’s an indicator of when to officially start going Christmas Crazy. Sweden is missing that indicator so we had to sift through Christmas decorations while buying stuff for Bash’s Halloween. That’s why I am a proponent of a holiday here at the end of November (Viking Day, anyone?) where people can focus on that and then immediately shift focus to the big one.

So Black Friday is more than just buying up stuff at good prices and punching strangers in the face over children’s toys. It’s also the first day that it’s not weird to be into the Christmas spirit. I’m a big Christmas spirit guy. It hasn’t always been like that. My years at FedEx forced me to use Christmas spirit as a coping mechanism to get through the peak season. Then it stuck!

My coworkers roll their eyes at me at this time of year. I play Christmas music nonstop until Christmas Eve. Why not? It’s good music. It’s mostly renditions of classic songs, but it’s still nice to listen to. It’s a reminder that even though it’s dark and cold… It’s the most/wonderful time…

I’d have to say my favorite Christmas song is Donny Hathaway’s version of “This Christmas”. That song is so smooth and his voice is… it’s Donny, man. He happens to sing one of my all-time favorite songs “A Song For You” so I’m biased. I like the classic renditions of songs. Nat King Cole gets me in the spirit but I can only take him in spurts. Something about his music makes me feel like he’s coonin’ and he knows it and he hates it. But Natalie and nem needed to get fed so I get it. It still makes me kinda sad and there’s no need to be sad at this time of year, right?!

I switch it up often. No one wants to hear the same albums/renditions. Cee-Lo Green’s Christmas album is surprisingly good! He has some good classics on there as well as some refreshing renditions. Michael Bublé has good stuff and you can’t talk Christmas music without mentioning Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You” which is the most popular Christmas song ever. That song is first on almost every Christmas playlist I’ve seen on Spotify. It’s the Drake of Christmas. You know Drake is on every playlist.

I had a revelation that may be taken as controversial. Tony Bennett is not a good singer. I heard him singing “Oh Christmas Tree”. Dude’s voice has no soul. Worse, he tries to sing with soul. He’s just whispering hard. That shit is more Halloween than Christmas. Sorry Tony, but that ain’t it. Listen for yourself. What the fuck is he doing? I wouldn’t even call that singing. I’d rather listen to Justin Timberlake read Bible verses than Tony Bennett sing.

Thankfully the good outweighs the bad. I prefer good voices over classics. Yet I don’t like when artist’s stray too much from the original. Yes Chris Brown, your “This Christmas” has 103 too many vocal trills. Just write a new song, bro. I used to like “It’s Cold Outside” but it’s hard not to find it problematic. The rapey vibes and relentlessness of the male singer is hard to hear post-#MeToo. It would be funny if someone made a 2018 version of that song where the dude is sure to make sure his female company feels safe and unthreatened. Just a thought. I digress.

Tis the season. It’s dark here. It’s cold. But music does what music does. It sets the mood. Christmas music puts a smile on my face every time. Play your favorite songs loud and often. Explore playlists to find more. There’s something for everyone in this genre. Enjoy it while it lasts. Until next time.

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