This Is Us Crying

This Is Us.PNG

I learned about this show on NBC through watching football games. They seemed to be promoting the shit out of it. It reminded me of when the Super Bowl was on ABC and they were pushing Grey’s Anatomy like a neighborhood crack dealer. I get it. Hospitals are dramatic. I fell for it that time. I had a four-year relationship with Grey’s Anatomy thanks to that Super Bowl marketing. I wouldn’t be falling for that shit again. So I ignored it.

Every now and then I would hear talk of this show. I’d still see commercials (I still watch football). I’d get cynical.

- Oh they think putting a black face on the commercial is gonna get me?

Then I heard an interview with the creator of the show (Dan Fogelman). They talked about the show like it was a known fact that it was brilliant. FOMO kicked in immediately. How am I not seeing television brilliance? On network television, mind you. Most good TV these days are on cable or Netflix. Not a soulless vehicle for commercials. I needed to see this to verify or disprove my skepticism.

I got the first season and decided to give it a shot. Oh my goodness. It was gripping right from the beginning. The story of a set of triplets dealing with their issues is shown while also showing the story of their parents trying to raise them. It’s a brilliant concept that is executed to perfection. There’s a storyline of daddy issues as well that resonates with me (naturally).

I had read reviews of this show. People tended to talk about crying while watching episodes. Some said the subject matter was so heavy that they could only take it in doses. They must have been exaggerating. Is it possible to have a network show like that? Yes! Yes it is. Swedie and I sit in the living room with teary eyes on just about every episode. I’m about halfway through the first season. I see where this is going and I know it’s going to leave me emotionally wrecked on the couch but I can’t stop watching. I care about every character that I’m supposed to care about. It’s insane.

I look forward to finishing the first season. The second season is already on deck for binging. I was delighted to hear that the creator knows how the entire story will end. So this won’t be another dragged on show with surprise themes and characters to “shake things up” (yeah I see you Grey’s Anatomy). They somehow got this show right and tried to get it to the masses. I’m glad I’m onboard. This is me binging. This is me crying. This is me telling you that “This Is Us” is awesome. Until next time…