Juice Fast Over!

How I felt all fucking week!

How I felt all fucking week!

So I did it. I juiced all last week. Well, I should clarify. I had three smoothies throughout the week. Some juice purists and “gotcha” types (who could all go to hell) would likely say that what I did wouldn’t qualify as juicing. I also had a gin and tonic and two beers, but beer is just wheat juice right? Regardless, I was on a fucking liquid diet. Cut me some slack here, people!

How did I feel at the end? Hungry and proud. I didn’t miss chewing that much. I learned to deal with being hungry. It’s a sensation my body hadn’t dealt with lately. I felt stronger knowing that I was hungry for a reason. I embraced the feeling. I even starting looking forward to that feeling, knowing that I was in control. It was pretty empowering, actually.

The fast made me a more productive person. Drinking a beverage takes so much less time than warming up and eating a meal. I distracted myself during the rest of my lunch break with writing. You read right, I worked on a script while enjoying my liquid lunch. It was pleasant to sit there in the conference room with my headphones on, listening to some Curtis Mayfield as I write some funny dialog. Thanks juice fast! I may even continue this practice since it was so productive.

My body felt better afterwards. I was lighter on my feet with a surprisingly high energy level. I expected to be more grumpy, but that never came. I ended up dropping 5kgs in that week. That was nice, considering I felt like I could lose a bit of weight.

Now the fast is over. No more machine clean-up (Sandra was on me to make sure I didn’t “leave her with a mess”). No more gulping hard in order to feel like I was chewing. No more sitting at the dinner table with only a glass in front of me. It feels good. I’m glad I was able to do it. This was supposed to kick-start a more mindful me. The first food I ate was a piece of buttered toast with cheese on it. I didn’t go crazy. I had a modest breakfast followed by a delicious brunch. See, mindful already. Until next time…

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