Juicing... Because?


So I’m on a juice cleanse this week. I’m doing it because I feel heavy (ask my scale) and swollen. Not to sound old, but when my knees tell me it’s about to be a rainy day, it’s time to do SOMETHING.

I’ve done a juice cleanse before (five days that time) and I remember feeling good. I dropped a few kilos and had pep in my step. I also remember not being as hungry as I thought I’d be. I actually missed the act of chewing more than I missed the food. In retrospect I think it must have been a placebo effect. Maybe I thought I felt good because I was making such a drastic change.

I didn’t want to be a sucker so I Googled “the benefits of juicing” and all I found was theories. Why am I doing this to myself? What I found was that it’s good to take in so many vitamins and nutrients. It’s like eating a bunch of vegetables without having to eat a bunch of vegetables. Sounds good. Supposedly there are cancer-fighting nutrients and whatnot. I still can’t find anything concrete. But it ‘s gotta be better than eating meat and cheese and processed food.


One thing that stands out to me when it comes to juicing is the “Juice Weasel” character Jim Carrey did on “In Living Color”. He was a juicing-obsessed, high energy man that made mixtures of everything you could think of. It was hilarious to me as a kid and still is when I watch it again. I would have been unable to keep a straight face with a wild, young Jim Carrey acting a fool the way he did.

I’m sticking with juicing this week. One week of only fruit and vegetable juices. It helped me last time and will hopefully help me again. I started on Monday and it’s now Wednesday. I feel good. Same as last time; I’m not really hungry. Though I don’t miss chewing yet. Someone at my job had a birthday today, so he brought a cake (Swedish tradition is weird sometimes but that’s another blog entry). I was SOOO tempted to eat that beautiful piece of princess tårta. But I didn’t. I gave it to a guy sitting at my desk and he promptly DEVOURED it in front of me while we talked about who knows what.

That’s the thing that I like about this. It’s the challenge of my level of discipline. I fell off with my discipline lately. I couldn’t go a week without stopping at a drive-thru to save my life. Burger King, McDonald’s, Max, you name it. I found a way to rationalize swinging by there.

- I mean, I’m in the car and I’m only getting a McVegan.

Once in a while is cool, but I found myself in drive-thrus two to three times a week. Had I lost all discipline? This will prove I can be disciplined.

Swedie is not interested in participating in this. But she damn sure wants us to “eat as a family”. So she cooks up delicious-looking and smelling (it’s crazy how good food smells right now) dinner and then I blend up a juice and sit down with my glass and pitcher.

- So how was work, Swedie? gulps burgundy mixture

It’s kinda ridiculous, but whatever. Plus I drink it fast. I gulp down juice like a maniac just so it feels like I’m consuming a lot. Thankfully Swedie eats as fast as a paranoid inmate so I don’t have to sit there too long with an empty glass while she chomps away.

I only have a few more days left of this kick start. I’ll update you when it’s all over. One thing that I’m certain of is that I’ll make it all the way through the end. After all, the discipline test is the most exciting part. Until next time…

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