Mediums and Supernatural ish

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One of these days we may do an episode about this, but I’ll just say it right now: I don’t believe in mediums and supernatural shit. Some people close to me (my mother-in-law, for example) are true believers in mediums but I could never buy into the concept.

Partly because it seems unfair. Why would some people be able to reach “the other side” and not others? Not to mention the people

that are presumably caught in the middle. The ones with “unfinished business”. Why them and not my great-grandmother? It isn’t logical enough for my brain.

Then there are the scammers. I don’t know if the lore of Miss Cleo ever made it to Sweden, but everybody knew about her. She was this Jamaican lady that supposedly had psychic powers. She was at her most popular in the 90s. I heard she made a good fortune on this. It even became a thing we said regularly.

- I don’t know the answer, man! What I look like, Miss Cleo?

The part to me that’s messed up is that there are victims in this. People who reach out to those mediums are usually looking for answers or closure. To pretend to have access to the other side for a profit is all kinds of fucked up.

I used to think I had some type of supernatural ability. I would dream things and then they would happen A LOT later. At least that what I thought was happening. For all I know it could have been déjà vu. Then again, what’s déjà vu? Is that a supernatural thing? Most people have experienced that phenomenon.

One situation that pissed me off was on an episode of Catfish. These guys that do all of this extensive research and debunking of bullshit actually entertained a bullshit artist medium. This lady was on the show pretending to have contact with this girl’s dead father (that had murdered her mother). It was dripping with bullshit and they never even asked a tough question of the medium. Not that it was going to make me a believer or anything, but it seemed like they put “good TV” over the distraught girl’s feelings. They owed it to the girl to grill this aspiring celebrity psychic as much as they do those anti-social, previously bullied catfish they grill on every other episode.

I’m not saying mediums/psychics don’t exist. I’m just saying I’ll believe it when I see it. The old sentiment has always been, “Then why haven’t you hit the lottery?” There’s more logic in that question than there is in some lady wearing a headwrap in a cluttered apartment talking to my dead uncle. Just sayin’. That being said, I’m open to going to see a medium and asking some tough questions. I’ll keep you posted. Maybe we’ll chop it up on the pod about it. Until next time…

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