I Got Me a Daddy's Girl


At the risk of sounding cliché as all get-out, I must say that Alli is a straight-up “daddy’s girl”. I couldn’t be happier about that. I credit paternity leave with our connection. It’s amazing that we were able to bond for those four months. She was just under one back then and that’s when the personality starts really kicking in.

The daycare transition was my responsibility this time around and I was her rock. Her connection to normalcy and I feel like it made our bond even stronger.

Daycare is now a reality for Alli. She’s all into it. She likes to sing and dance with her classmates and she loves her teachers. It’s so comforting to know that she’s adapted so well to it. These days I work early in the mornings. When Alli wakes up I’m either at work or getting ready to leave for work. That’s her Mommy time.

I pick her up from school and we hang out until Mommy gets home. I treasure those moments as well. She has a big (and somewhat baffling/disturbing) appetite. This girl will eat five squeeze smoothies if we let her. Once her shoes and jacket are off she makes a B-line for the drawer that we keep her smoothies in. When that’s eaten she asks for another. Then I explain that Mommy and Daddy aren’t rich yet so chill. Then she walks over to the fruit bowl and points.

- Äpple! Äpple!

I peel the skin for her and she DESTROYS that poor apple. I have to take it from her quickly or she’ll eat the damn core. There’s something about feeding your kid that warms the heart. It must be a primal instinct thing. Like knowing that you’re taking care of that part.

Daddy_sgirl 2.jpg

A funny part of our relationship is Alli following me around all the damn time. It’s cute as heck, but sometimes she’s right up on me and I end up knocking her over. She’s not a fan of that. I pick her up and comfort her. She’s an easy customer. A quick tickle and she’s all laughs again. I can’t take a poop in peace either. She walks right into the bathroom with her hands up, wanting to be picked up. What’s a dad to do? That’s my girl. I pick her up and finish my business with her in my lap. She’s happy, I’m happy.

I’m psyched that she likes a bit of danger as well. I throw her on the bed, lift her abruptly, fly her around; she loves it all! I can see her being my roller coaster buddy in the future when I'm showing her Daddy’s favorite theme parks in America. She’s gonna be my road dog. My Ace.

This Saturday Alli woke up before me. I sleep in a constant state of almost awake because Bash always comes in the room and he must be dreaming of a got damn karate movie or something because I get chopped and kicked all night. So because I was half-asleep I was able to hear Alli calling my name over and over.

- Da-dee, Da-dee, Da-dee!

She crawled over to me and pat me on my head over and over. The sheer excitement in her voice secured whatever car she wants for her 18th birthday. She was happy that I was home that morning. Daddy wasn’t at work. Daddy was home with the family. I didn’t respond right away. I didn’t want her to stop doing it. Pat my head and call my name forever, Allicat! Keep reminding me that you’re a Daddy’s girl. Until next time…

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