It's All About The Radio


I can’t state enough how much I appreciate Spotify Radio. I’ve spoken on the podcast a few times about how much I need some type of interaction in order to feel comfortable. I don’t do well in silence. Right now I’m at home alone and I have a podcast playing in the background while I’m typing. I need to have something.

A negative side-effect to this is I need to hear music even when I don’t have anything in particular in mind that I want to listen to. But it’s not like that’s going to stop me from listening. I mean, what’s the alternative? Silence? Hell nawl! That’s when I go to Spotify Radio. It reminds me of Pandora from back home. Pandora used to get me through my work day. Too bad it’s not here. Even though if it was here I’d have to stick with Spotify. You can’t listen to a full album on Pandora like on Spotify.

One of my go-to radio stations is O’Jays Radio. You pretty much never go wrong with this station. You get soul ballads, funk, upbeat jams and of course: The O’Jays. They’re my favorite old school group so I’m a bit biased, but damn they’re up there with the more heralded Temptations and Four Tops and those types of groups. Even if you’re not that into The O’Jays, the music that is picked on this station is top notch. It never fails to put me in a good mood.

Spotify Radio is my friend when I need something to fill silence and I lack creativity. The O’Jays station brings it home every time. Give it a try. You’ll be grooving and jamming and checking the screen to see who sang that last track. Feel free to thank me later. Until next time…