Blackberry Molasses and Other Things...


We speak a bit on the pod this week about motivations when selecting music. Peter and Amat seem to have a specific type of music they listen to dependent upon the season. I’ve never really been like that. It may be because Miami doesn’t really have four seasons. We had Spring and Summer. That’s it.

I listen to music based upon nostalgia. Sometimes I like to reflect on different phases in my life. Music helps me do that in a fun way. One song in particular that opens the memory floodgates is “Blackberry Molasses” by Mista. I remember feeling late to the party regarding this one. EVERYBODY knew ALL the words to this song. I was in middle school and in middle school you had to stick with the trends. The trend was singing popular R&B songs. I didn’t know what blackberry molasses was, let alone Blackberry Molasses. My earliest memories of the song is hearing the girls in my class singing it and thinking that it sounded like a very pretty song.

I finally heard the song and was hooked. We didn’t have cable at the time, so I never got to see the video (a treasure now considering you get to see a young Bobby Valentino crooning). Everybody was talking about that damn video and singing that damn song.

I wanted to be hip… down with it. I faked knowing the song. I mumbled along while everyone was singing. I didn’t have a walkman or the single or anything so I never learned the words. I just mumbled along with the only clear words being “Black-Berry Mo-Lass-Es” then… “and other things that never…” Just fucking up the lyrics to a very pretty song.

Now I listen to the song whenever I want to think back on that curious and hormone-filled phase. Back then I had a new deep and meaningful crush every two weeks. Blackberry Molasses would be my song to those crushes even though it’s not really about love. It’s just pretty. Come to think about it, I STILL don’t know what that damn song is about. There’s some suicidal/hopeless thinking in it though. That’s not really what I should have wanted to get across to Laqueshia.

But it’s just that. The curiosity and naivete. The rotating crushes. I crushed HARD and OFTEN. I remember that feeling. A gentle breeze that swirled inside my chest. Feeling like I’m going to explode if I don’t see her soon. Wanting to sing a song to her because it’s pretty and she’s pretty. Even though that song is dark and sad. But what do I know? Nothing. I just want. That’s a good feeling. Blackberry Molasses gets me there. Until next time…