The Laugh House Sold Out!


You’ve probably heard me mention my club The Laugh House recently on the pod. It’s my new English-language comedy club in the heart of the city. As with all new clubs, there’s been ups and downs. We’ve even had to cancel a few nights due to low turnout. And when I say low, I mean LOW. One night one dude showed up. I could tell he was excited to see some comedy. Unfortunately he was the only person that was excited to be there. We canceled and I told him to come back some time. That’s a hard shot to the ego.

We kept at it and had a few successful nights. The thing about The Laugh House is it only takes a few people (with good energy) for it to feel like a good comedy club. I think it’s the brick ceiling. It holds in the laughs. We were happy when the room would get half full. At least it would probably be a good show. But we didn’t see this sell-out coming. I couldn’t believe it!

The evening started out with added stress because my partner had already said he wouldn’t be able to make it. He was also going to perform, so I had gotten a last-minute replacement. I asked a regular performer (shout-out to Jens!) that’s been helping us out a lot if he could help set up. He would. Bam, bring it on. Two other comics canceled. I started contemplating conspiracy theories. We had booked enough so the show would still be good, but I had promised the audience in the show description that there would be two hours of hilarity. What gives? Quality shows is what we needed to keep people coming back.

On the subway I got a text that another comic couldn’t make it. This was a gut shot. Show time was in an hour and a half. But as they say, the show must go on. Or must it? We had only pre-sold two tickets to this show. What if they’re the only ones that come? Was this worth it? Was I funny? All the negative thoughts began to creep in. I started messaging my friend thats been putting on shows for a while. He basically told me to expect this up-and-down as long as I do this and stop crying about it. And no, he couldn’t perform last-minute. Damn!

I pushed my sulking aside (I had a possible show to organize) and sent out messages to comics that maybe could come. I got a yes almost right away from one. And she could get some people there! What?! I guess we would have a show. This is worth it! I am funny!

We started setting up the show and a couple walked in. They said they were here for the comedy show. The guy started showing me the tickets he bought on line as if there were more than two tickets bought. I held back a chuckle as I looked at his confirmation email.

- Thanks for coming!

We got the room fully set up and I took my weekly walk. It was about 7:30pm now. There were five people there and only two were definitely there for the show. I cleared my head as I walked Drottninggatan and imagined every person I passed would walk into Sabor Latino. This is when I normally call Swedie and work through my nerves but there was no time tonight. My partner wasn’t here. Shit, I needed to get back!

I went down and checked to see if the people down there were there for the delicious food and sangrias or for the comedy show. They were there for us! I took their money and went outside in the hopes they would have company. It was almost showtime and maybe four more people would be enough to create a good Laugh House environment. Then people just started rolling in. I tried to hide my excitement as I took payments. There were groups of people waiting to get in. We had to bring down more chairs! This was insane!

I host most of the shows so I had to get the crowd nice and warmed up. It would completely suck to finally get the room full and then bomb. I was not going to let that happen. I channeled my inner Martin and got the night rolling. The Laugh House was a success that night. One thing I was sure of was the night’s headliner. Ahmed Berhan was going to put a good finishing stamp on the night. He did. All of the comics did well as a matter of fact. We even had a drop-in performer that did her thing! The night turned out to be just what we envisioned for The Laugh House. I was a little bummed that my partner didn’t get to see it, but I took solace in the fact that there are more nights like this to come. The Laugh House just might be here to stay. We’ll keep at it every stressful Saturday this year. You should come check us out. Until next time…

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