Our Movie Draught

MJ Popcorn.jpg

2018 hasn’t exactly been the year of movie-watching for me. Back in the day Sandra and I would go to the movies quite regularly. It was our thing. We’d watch the previews and give thumbs up, down or sideways dependent upon if we would check those movies out when they came. Then… we’d actually go check the “thumbs up” movies out when they came out!

Now we rarely go to the movies. I’ve only seen TWO new movies this year. Black Panther and The Incredibles. And Black Panther doesn’t really count since we didn’t see it in the theater. Watching “The Incredibles” was kind of easy because it’s a kid’s movie and we could bring Bash. Man, this movie-watching thing is tough with two kids.

We are thankfully able to spend some quality time together, but the movies has been the major thing we have sacrificed for now. I say for now because we CAN’T FUCKING WAIT until Alli is just a little bit older and we can dump both kids off with Mormor and watch a movie and give thumbs up, down or sideways to the next thing we’re going to watch.

Sadly, I have no idea what’s out now. I wouldn’t even know what movie to watch if we were to spontaneously go to a theater now like the good ole days (don’t get me started on how spontaneity isn’t as accommodating in the Swedish movie system). I just did a quick search of what’s playing now and I think I would check out “Night School”. That’s probably a good date movie that we can laugh together to. I had NO IDEA it was out. Man, I’m slipping. Maybe it’s time we switch our sacrifices up. Movie Nights, we’re coming back to ya. Until next time…